Dan Barry grew up on a farm in rural Wisconsin. At a young age he began creating artworks from collected images and found objects, painting, drawing and wood carving. Dan graduated from Lawrence University in 1994, where he primarily studied cultural anthropology and fine art. After briefly attending graduate school, Dan decided that he would learn more by immersing himself in his art. He continued creating while holding the proverbial “day job” to pay the bills and gain access to health insurance. A little over 3 years ago, Dan quit his 20+ year career in the corporate world to devote as much time as possible to creating art. Dan’s most recent mixed media artworks explore themes that are simultaneously intensely personal and universal -mortality, loss, connection, family and patriotism. Dan currently lives and works in Austin, Texas. 

Email Dan at dbarry71@yahoo.com for inquiries and commissions.


"For as long as I can remember I have been an explorer, a collector, an image maker and a story teller with a Self Revelatory Urge. My artworks have always been a reflection, and ambiguous journal, of what is happening in my life, mind and surroundings at any given time."  

~ Dan Barry


"The overall effect of the images Dan creates is one of both tension and a sense of being adrift: the characters in the pieces are often composites of heads and bodies, some solitary and seeming lost, while their environment is somewhat desolate but controlled by Dan’s tight use of repeated elements. There is loneliness and disorder, but there is beauty and delicacy, too, sets of traits that are not mutually exclusive, either in art or in life. This is the balance that Dan’s work seems to ask us to look for as we consider his pieces and how they might resonate with us as individuals."  

~ Julie Antilock Winters, Miroir Magazine


"Dan Barry's artworks are a reflection upon the fragility of human life, loss, transitions and anxiety. His most recent works chronicle the artist’s daily personal response to the general climate of dread and chaos found in current world events. For those who choose to take the time to engage with these mixed media drawings, it is Barry’s hope that some of the works utter a delicate whisper, while others deal a more brutal blow."  

~ Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery